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Perth Men's Convention

Saturday, 17 August 8:30am – 3:30pm

Ben came to Christ after a friend read though Mark’s Gospel with him over a year.
After working as a Civil Engineer, Ben did an MTS Apprenticeship, then studied theology before becoming an AFES University Minister, the Pastor of an evening congregation and the MTS Network Coordinator for Victoria. He was appointed MTS National Director in 2007.
Ben is married to Emma and they have 4 adult/high school age children. He loves ordinary family dinners, chatting with the kids, triathlons, upside down fires and watching a good TV show with Emma. He also loves seeing (+ supporting) grass roots MTS movements all around the world.
Ben will be speaking to us from the accounts of Elijah in 1 Kings 16-18. When life is brutal, mere survival might be the chief goal. But God’s word showed a different way – obedience, godliness, trust in the Lord, even if it costs you everything, this is the way to real life. It is a message as true today as when Elijah first lived it.

Kingsway Christian College Auditorium
157 Kingsway,
Darch, WA

Pricing Standard $65
Non-workers $55
Accompanying sons in Year 11/12 $15

Register Online | pmc.ccowa.org

Rego closes 10pm, 6 August

Registrar | Brad Vigus
E | pmcreg@ccowa.org
M | 0438 172 882

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